Workshop 1: Enhancing practice using a digital platform – how to use Storypark to increase impact

Our first workshop is hosted by purpose led online learning community Storypark whose ubiquitous documentation and communication platform is used by thousands of services across Australia and beyond.

Attendees to their workshop will learn how the usage of the Storypark platform can be optimised to deepen users understanding of a child’s development, to enable more cohesive and thoughtful collaboration between the child’s key relationships and wider community and to help build the confidence of those people the matter most to a child by sharing knowledge and capability.


Workshop 2: Play based learning using technology

Our second workshop is hosted by renowned author, researcher and facilitator Daniel Donahoo whose passion for unpacking and articulating appropriate usage of technology in play based learning settings has earned him a reputation as the subject matter expert when it comes to incorporating new technologies in early education programs.

Attendees will be introduced to current best practice trends in technology application in programs, how to more effectively manage and embed technology into curriculums, and also receive some insights as to what the future may hold for technology in play based settings.


Workshop 3: Inquiry based learning using STEM

Our third workshop is hosted by not for profit professional development provider Little Scientists who through the National Innovation and Science Agenda, managed by the Department of Education and Training, offer affordable hands on workshops that empower educators and teachers working with children from 3 to 6 years old to explore STEM with confidence and joy.

Attendees to this workshop will be provided with a range of tools, educational concepts and teaching strategies that will enable them to build confidence in STEM and provide a foundation for effective STEM inclusion in centre based programs.


Workshop 4: 21st Century Learning – teaching computational thinking

Our fourth workshop is hosted by award winning 21st century learning facilitator Robokids who use cutting edge robotic technology to introduce educators, and children, to new educational approaches to problem solving that fosters computational thinking and can be incorporated in day to day programs.

Attendees to this workshop will be introduced to the notion of computational thinking, what it is and why it is important and then with the help of a range of robotic props, learn how to incorporate teaching strategies that foster and engage children to embrace creative problem solving into their programs.